Thursday, 15 December 2016

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My daughter had come home for her first visit after going away to college, and was a pain in the ass as usual. While getting ready to go out she’d used up all the hot water showering. I discovered this just as I was about to step into the shower myself. I wrapped my towel around my waist and confronted her in the living room. I started lecturing her on how I wished being away at college would have at least taught her about respecting others.
“I’ve spent a fortune sending you there, and you’re still a brat. Damn it - has being at college taught you anything?”
“You want to see what I’ve learned at college Daddy?” she replied.
Before I could respond she dropped to her knees, pulled my towel away and showed me what she had learned while living on campus. If this is her way of showing me respect, then I can live with that.
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